Traversing Taiwan

I was not really the adventurous type of photographer. I lingered with portraits and eventually became a wedding photographer. But being in a relationship with an adventurous hipster soul, (Badeth <3) she took me to new places. Traveling was not a priority for me but as I have started to travel around the Philippines and other countries I realized that it’s a must for a creative such as myself. You get to meet new people and go to new places that you have not been too. I’ve experienced cultures and personalities that adds to my own being. I love the feeling of taking photos of something new and making it unique with my own interpretation. For me, my photography is my vision transferred to a visual entity. I want people to see a new perspective may they have been in that place or not.


And for September we went to…. TAIWAN!


Taiwan is now very special to me. I consider the area and its people very creative and really values art. They preserve their culture through their art and discipline. We saw a lot of beautifully made art pieces in every creative hub or in a ordinary gift shop. They have parks and museums that are well maintained and are dedicated to it’s people and tourists who appreciate art. We had a love and hate relationship with walking but it was an opportunity for us to just experience even the small things the city has to offer. I love the quality of light in Taiwan! It helped me create photos that I’m so happy to take and excited to share with all of you.


There’s a sense of freedom and experience that traveling gives you. I make new discoveries about myself because of my partner and the places we go to. I consider these photos priceless as we can reminisce our adventures through them. Taiwan we’ll be back!


To more destinations to conquer and shoot!

Let me tell my story….


– Law